Strategy-ed LLC

About our founder

Strategy-ed was founded by Katie Blot in early 2020 with a focus on helping education-focused organizations drive positive change for students. 

Katie has worked in the education sector for over 28 years including time in both the public and private sector and across large companies and start-ups. Along with compiling decades of experience in education, Katie developed her expertise in aligning organizational capabilities and creating executable plans to accomplish strategic goals. 

Katie started her career at KPMG Consulting, where she quickly discovered her desire to serve education. A young analyst working with schools to improve financial aid and other student supports, she fell in love with the mission-focused nature of her clients and the impact they had on the students they served.  She decided then to work in education for the rest of her career. 

In that career, Katie spent 5 years in public service at the US Department of Education as both a Deputy General Manager and then Chief Information Officer for Federal Student Aid.  She worked as part of the Leadership team at Blackboard for 10 years, holding multiple roles including Chief Strategy and Portfolio Officer. Most recently, Katie was COO & SVP Strategy for Vemo Education, focused on providing a new way for schools to increase access to higher education.

Across her career, Katie has built up expertise in strategic planning, market assessment, product strategy and operational management. She now loves applying this experience and her knowledge of the education space to help education companies looking to make a difference.

Our Services

We are focused on helping organizations looking to make a difference in education. We advise and support schools and companies in areas critical to achieving their strategic objectives.